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Machining life like sound

 Machining life like sound

Our latest project was delivering Accurate Machining life like sound Opus Amplifier front panels, we have machined these parts before over 10 years ago on our Haas VF1 using a fourth axis and some now old rusty vices in the machine to rotate the part whilst machining.  But as you can imagine we have moved on in this time and these antiquated devices stayed on the shelf in the stores.

Picture after branding from a previous batch.This time we started from scratch, obviously we learnt a few things when making the parts last time.  Taking on board all that knowledge from last time we re programmed the job to be completed in 2 operations as we have the capability to efficiently produce highly accurate and complex components using the latest technology on our Mazak Nexus 5000 (Mark II). Which puts us right up there in achieving our mission statement to be the most efficient and effective Engineering Company who take pride in producing quality parts efficiently on time.

•Mazak Nexus 5000 (Mark II)

Opus Brand is part of the Enigma Group

Enigma’s focus is primarily on quality and purity, not only in the build and sound of our products, but in how they approach research. Over the years they have developed a range of speakers and electronics that produce the finest commercially available sound. They are always being bombarded by new electrical components that purport to be better, quicker and cheaper, however in general they have found this is rarely the truth. What looks good on paper often does not stack up when the human ear is involved which after all is the only important tool when it comes to sound.



Garner Engineering emotionally connected with Outstanding Sound


At the heart of any Opus system, HD Series Power Converters are hi-fi amplifiers on industrial scale. They deliver a degree of clarity and detail previously unattainable in high power sound reinforcement systems, while setting new benchmark standard of reliability. Invisible sound is emotionally connected and Garner Engineering is proud to be apart of this amazing work.  We do machine other parts for the Opus system please find pictures in our gallery.

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Machining life like sound, slick looking parts is just one of our many talents. To find out all our other talents just get in touch on 01455 610364 or email



10 tonne of a fantastic old classic for us just left the factory today, this is a job we have been CNC-Turning/Splining for Peak Dynamics for years and years…………… This Robust, Dependable, Durable central shaft provides a solid, full fill construction within the unit which has been engineered to specific load deflection characteristics.



The central shaft is CNC-Turning/Splining in many different sizes depending on application.  Its great to see our work being used in a wide range of sectors all over the world.  We also make the compatible Splined Arms in many shapes and sizes for Peak Dynamics to suit their large variety of customer requirements. These Arms require CNC Milling,Splining and Broaching, just a great way to show our knowledge and as a company producing high volume parts quickly and efficiently we have had to grow with demand.

CNC Turning and Splining

Watch Peak Dynamics short film and see the shaft in motion to learn the technology behind these very versatile Units.

Peak Dynamics have for over 40 years been innovating, refining and applying their technologies to a wide array of applications and have grown substantially, expanding into new areas, new technologies and are now expanding worldwide.  Anyone that has been a faithfully follower of Garner Engineering will know that we have enjoyed a life long working relationship with Peak Dynamics.  See a picture of the finished unit below now just in need of a coat of paint, as you can see the Unit includes our Splined Shaft.  Smaller Units like this were also used in the Discovery Sport tows 100 tonne Train along with a few more parts we make for Peak Dynamics, a story on our news feed back in September last year featuring our Wheels.


As always please get in contact Garry @ Garner Engineering  and ask us to complete any Precision Engineered machine parts on a sub-contract basis.