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CNC Machining is fun

CNC Machining is fun, but not always easy!

More Morgan stories with our CNC Machining.

Now you might look at this part and think what is all the fuss about, so let have a look from another angle….!

CNC Machining

Can you spot it..?…Do you know what it is yet…?

This chassis part could of been a challenge but Our Mazak Nexus 5000 II Horizontal Machining Centre, also known as precision milling, made light work as it relies on rotary cutters to remove metal from the masterpiece. This Horizontal machining occurs on the horizontal machining center, which employs a spindle that is parallel to the ground floor. With a horizontally oriented spindle, tools stick out of the side of the tool holder and cut across the side of a masterpiece. Our Mazak Nexus 5000 II also allow for two – pallet changer integration to facilitate unattended operation and reduce part cycle times.

Morgan Shassis

Our Mazak Nexus 5000 II has 4-axis machining which provides infinite possibilities as to the part sizes and shapes you can effectively process. The term “4-axis” refers to the number of directions in which the cutting tool can move. On a 4-axis machining centre, the cutting tool moves across the X, Y and Z linear axes as well as rotates on the B axes to approach the workpiece from any direction. In other words, you can process most of the part in a single setup.

We have had our Mazak Nexus 5000 II for a few years now and find the below points to be great help in our Mission Statement, as a company to be the most efficient and effective Engineering Company who take pride in producing quality parts efficiently on time.

  • Machine complex shapes in a single setup for increased productivity
  • Save time with less fixture preparation
  • Boost throughput, while shortening lead times
  • Higher part accuracy because the masterpiece does not move across multiple workstations

Whatever your engineering requirements, large or small volume batches production to a specific brief, with our expertise flexibility and experience Garner Engineering Ltd will provide you with a fully audited service. Please feel free to contact Garry @ Garner Engineering  and ask us to complete any Precision Engineered machine parts on a sub-contract basis.

High Performance Machining Morgan Chassis Joints

High Performance Machining

Garner Engineering finds ourselves again in the middle of another High Performance Machining job which we had to turn this humble billet of Aluminium into  something to be used on a Lightweight, Powerful and Effortlessly Stylish True British Sports Car.  High Performance Machining Morgan Chassis Joints


Morgan Aluminium Chassis benefits from improved torsional stiffness ……….


High Performance Machining


To complete this complex job we joined forces with CNC Training Centre as their excellent Edgecam training and programming skills were needed to help Garner along the way. Together with nearly 100 years experience between the two Directors the job starts to takes shape and within days all the planning and programming operations were completed to make the final part. The picture on the left shows a Schunk Vice holding on less than 5mm whilst our Mazak Nexus 5000 (Mark II) is using 12,000 RPM with a 3,000mm feed rate (scary stuff for people in the know).


We are using high performance carbide tools supplied by MA Ford as high performance machining tools for them comes as standard and we need reliable tooling to achieve the constant high speed whilst removing metal and also leaving our superior finish on our Morgan Chassis Joints.




Picture on the right is showing our Production line in progress, this job needs four operations in total, all on our Mazak Nexus 5000 (Mark II) which completes our High Performance Machining job story.



morgan-1 morgan-2


Morgan have trained Specialists on hand to guide you on a journey, we too also like to take people on a journey so here we have two pictures of the job before we pack them off to receive surface treatment and then all our Chassis Joints need are to be assembled by our customer.  This could be your finished product waiting to be sent out, just get in contact with us Garner Engineering  and ask the question anything is possible.



Real Engineering Integrity

Real Engineering Integrity

Garner Engineering was asked to make some wheels for train tracks back in February this year, these wheels have only been turned into a Real Engineering Integrity story.  Garner Engineering did as you do and completed our order with Our Mission Statement in mind to be the most efficient and effective Engineering Company who take pride in producing quality parts efficiently on time.

Real Engineering Integrity



Here is a picture of one of the wheels being completed on our Mazak Integrex 200 SY



These other two pictures are of the final finished part, the picture was taken just before we pack them up to be delivered.

Real Engineering Integrity Real Engineering Integrity


Check out this video we could not believe are our own eyes that this is what our wheels have been used for.

This Land Rover Discovery Sport diesel was standard apart from being fitted with guidance wheels to literally keep it on track.

The wheels that Garner Engineering made!!!!!!!!.

Real Engineering Integrity A Land Rover Discovery Sport pulls three train carriages nearly 60 times its weight – apparently the equivalent of towing a Boeing 757 airliner.

Real Engineering IntegrityAlthough the Discovery Sport has a certified maximum towing weight of 2,500kg (2.5 tonnes), it was able to pull 58 times its own weight – aided by Land Rover’s towing and traction technologies such as Terrain Response, Tow Assist, Tow Hitch Assist and All Terrain Progress Control.  The latter is a semi-autonomous off-road driving system that automatically manages engine output and braking.  The Discovery Sport completed a six-mile tow of the three carriages without the aid of a low-range gearbox, relying instead on the diesel engine’s torque and Land Rover’s All Terrain Progress Control (ATPC) system, to maximise traction at a set speed. Acting much like a low-speed cruise control (ATPC) allows the driver to focus on the road – or in this case the railway – ahead.  This vehicle has got to be worth a look when deciding on your new car, it truly performed on this day.

                                                                                    Real Engineering Integrity

Please contact us if you need Garner Engineering‘s help to get YOUR next project off paper and heading on the right track.


Precision Engineering – Bentley Car Parts

Another successful new Precision Engineering project continues to leave our Factory every month.

We received a Precision Engineering order for 100 sets of brackets to hold the front grill on a car back in June with a delivery date of two weeks, well no pressure here then!!

Bentley 4a



The long but exciting process of building fixtures, producing a programme, ordering the correct & most effective tooling to do the job, running the programme in real time to check the programme will be able to produce high volume parts quickly and efficiently before mass production starts. The completed parts need to be to the companies special specification & requirements, but most importantly the end result in Garner Engineering’s eye all our Parts have to have a Superior Finish, especially as these part are going on not any car but the most expensive Bentley car in production today.




Garner Engineering feeling the Proudness to be contributing to the Car Manufacturing world with our Precision Engineering – Bentley Car Parts.


Did you know that Bentley Cars sell around 25 per week via franchised dealers worldwide?


BentleyBentley Motors are a British registered company that designs, develops and manufactures Bentley Luxury Motorcars which are largely hand-built, most Bentley cars are assembled at the Crewe factory.  With their delectable design the Mulsanne has a completely re-designed front and rear for added road presence, new technology throughout the cabin and new lights, grilles and wing vents adorning the body, there apparently has never been a better time to get acquainted with the world’s finest handmade car.


Precision Engineering - Bentley Car Parts After cutting down to size our Stainless Steel Bars we started making two fixtures to go on our cubes inside our Mazak Nexus 5000 (Mark II) to hold our mini Stainless Steel Bars in place. This four axis machine is part of the “NEXUS III SERIES” which combines Advanced Technology, Productivity, and Value, to provide the performance we need to complete this job. These horizontal machining centers provide improved machining stability, safer operation, and enhanced ease of operation by utilizing the 6th generation CNC system, the MAZATROL MATRIX NEXUS 5000 can shorten cutting time by minimizing non-cutting time in multi-kind small or medium quantity production utilizing up-to-date tools and ultra-high speed technologies and the Mazak Nexus 5000 (Mark II) holds 80 tools which enables us to ensure manufacturing excellence with all parts this machine makes.

Mazak Nexus 5000 (Mark II)



After completing the fixtures, programming and testing we have the finished product here on the right up to the point it leaves the Mazak Nexus 5000 (Mark II).  We still need to add a little extra little flare to complete that superior finish we were so looking forward to giving our customers with our parts.  Which involves the Haas and then the product is ready for packing and delivering on time.


As we all like a good ending to a story our Customers then placed a further order of 1000 set which we are now continuing to produce and we are quoting on more work for them so I guess our moral of our story is always if your going to do a job find the most efficient and effective way first time to guarantee repeat business.

CNC Specialist Turning – Space Suit Rings

Space Suit Rings           

We have ventured into outer space with our latest 2 projects which required CNC Specialist Turning on our Mazak Integrex 200.

Here is where our CNC Specialist Turning story begins :-


We received a file which contained 3 complex Models for 30 sets of Wrist Rings (please see picture below) with a deadline of 14 days delivery .  Using our excellent Edgecam training we programmed our Mazak Integrex 200 and produced these fantastic looking parts which our customers were very pleased with.


CNC Specialist Turning

Space Suit Wrist Rings


After delivering our Mission Statement when producing these quality parts efficiently on time, it was then ……….. when we were told what  we had made these Rings for and much to our amazement it turned out to be Space Suits.

Garner Engineering has worked on and produced many a quality part over the last 30 years but really Space Suits!!!!!!!!! it was a first even for us.

Our Customers were so pleased with our Wrist Rings which connected the Gloves to the Space Suit, they placed another order.

And so our story continues…

This time we received our 3 Models which were a lot large in size and would require larger billets of Aluminium to be ordered as we were connecting the Helmet to the Suit.

We came across no problems as our Mazak Integrex 200 has the capacity to deal with the larger parts and 15 sets were also efficiently produced on time.


  CNC Specialist TurningCNC Specialist Turning

Have you ever wondered who makes the Space Suits, well look no further.

CNC Specialist TurningCNC Specialist Turning


We have package up 15 sets of the above 3 Rings combination which will connect the Space Helmet to the Suit and delivered them to outer space.

If you need us to launch into another project and make the impossible possible, then us Contact us no project to far outer there.