Garner Engineering


We have 6 CNC turning machines, 3 of which are fitted with magazine bar feed capacity.

All our CNC Turning Machines are capable of producing accurate components efficiently and often with unmanned machining.

  • Mazak Integrex 200 SY + magazine bar feed- capacity 305mm chucking 65mm bar, sub spindle
  • Mazak SQT200 – capacity 250mm chuck
  • Kia SKT250 + magazine bar feed -capacity 250mm chuck 65mm bar -sub spindle
  • Mazak QT10 – capacity 203mm chuck
  • Mazak QT10N – capacity 203mm chuck
  • Mazak QT8 – capacity 150mm chuck
  • Yam CK1 + magazine bar feed – capacity 42mm bar